K9FUN home of the Hunseder Hound Hacienda


Tillie was our first senior Greyhound. We adopted her when she was 11 years young. She was found loose in the desert near Congress, AZ out near the railroad tracks. Whether she was turned loose or got away we'll never know. Animal Control impounded her and called our rescue group. We met her at a "Meet and Greet" in May of 2007 just before our annual trip to Kanab, UT for a Greyhound Gathering. We fell in love with her and told the group we would adopt her when we returned, if she was still available. She was being treated for heartworm and wouldn't be ready to adopt for a month.

As it turned out, her foster family loved her too. But she wasn't cat safe and they had to let her go...to us! So in June she came to live with the pack. She arrived, laid down and proclaimed she was here. That was about it for integration into the group. Seniors rock.

We enjoyed her antics and loving company for too short a time. In July 2009 due to osteosarcoma, we had to help her cross the bridge. We'll always remember her happy smile and playful antics. Rock on Tillie Moo.