K9FUN home of the Hunseder Hound Hacienda

The Raw Diet

We feed our dogs a raw, natural diet instead of commercially prepared food. We grind fresh chicken, bones and all, using a commercial butcher's meat grinder. The bones provide calcium and the raw marrow adds to the vitamin content. We typically grind 150 pounds at a time.

The meat is then scooped into reusable plastic trays with lids. Each tray holds enough to feed the pack two meals. These are frozen and stored for use in the upcoming days. We prepare these about once every 3 weeks.

Each dog's daily meal contains a variety of items. The base is several scoops of chicken, to which we add some form of dairy in the form of cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt or eggs. We add vegetables using either fresh from a farmer's market, or frozen in the off season. Veggie choices include: broccoli, spinach, carrots, chard, collard greens, or squash.

This is supplemented with a multi-vitamin, a joint health tablet and for the senior dogs we add a DGP tablet. DGP (Dog Gone Pain) is an herbal mix that is a miracle product. It helps the older dogs with arthritic joints. We swear by it, and have seen the results time and time again. Figgy could barely run when we got her, and could not jump on a couch. After a couple of weeks on DGP she was more active, and in a month was up on the couch. She is 11 now and acts like she's 5 or 6, running and playing. If you have an older dog who struggles to get around, get the DGP started and allow a few weeks to see results.

Once this is all prepared, we deliver the bowls to the eagerly waiting pack! Preparing and delivering a meal to the entire pack takes about 10 minutes total.