K9FUN home of the Hunseder Hound Hacienda


Oh our goofy boy! This guy was a real find. We were at an annual parade in Prescott and he was on the Greyhound float. He had a damaged back leg, so he got to ride. He is stunning, his color is red fawn with a bluish cast. In some lights he almost looks a little purple. Deb fell in love with him, and we know what that means...

When he first arrived, he was a bit "snarky" if anyone got too close while he was sleeping. He wasn't used to anyone being able to get to him. We worked with him and desensitized him. Now he sleeps with us, and if you touch him he just snuggles closer.

We adopted in July, and in November on a cold Sunday morning while we were playing at the dog park...crack! We heard what sounded like a stick breaking, and then a scream from Parker. His damaged back leg just went. It turns out the calcaneous ligament (like the Achilles tendon) had been severed 2 years back and not repaired. It had just been allowed to fuse naturally. Well, the fibrous tissue that had held it just snapped. A quick trip to Dr. Flannery for some X-rays. Then down to the orthopedic specialist in Scottsdale. He had surgery where they placed a pin in the bone and wired it together. It healed, but the tension on the ligament was so much that it still was a little deformed. So he will always have a bit of a limp, but he's pain-free and uses the leg.

He's such a clown. He always does something to make us laugh.

We lost Parker on April 14, 2015.