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Lacey is the latest in the "white girl harem" of hounds. Here's her story...

April 2012, Debbie sends an email to Nick with a link to a website and says "don't open this link". Of course he opens it. He's looking at available senior hounds at Colorado Greyhound Adoption (CGA). He calls out to Deb and asks "What am I supposed to see here?" as he scrolls down the page. Then he sees her and says "Ohhhhhhhhhh....". He knew exactly which girl he wasn't supposed to see, and the project began.

Deb contacted CGA and learned that Lacey had been in foster care for about 8 months and was currently undergoing some medical treatment that would delay her availability a few weeks. Commitment was made to adopt her, and the plans were formulated for a trip to Colorado to pick her up in May.

Coordination for travel occurred. We drove to Salida, CO and stayed at an awesome, dog-friendly B&B (The Mountain Goat Lodge). Lacey made two trips, first from north of Denver to Colorado Springs, and then a second with another couple from the Springs to Salida. Love at second sight too...she was an immediate hit with Bee and Aspen, who traveled to pick her up and welcome her. On the drive home, you wouldn't know there was one hound in the van, let alone 3.

Her acceptance at the Hacienda was similar. She arrived, got the greeting, learned the dog door in the first 30 minutes and blended in. Seniors rock!

We lost Lacey on March 12, 2015.

  • lacey-1
    Lacey at Four Corners on the trip home
  • lacey-ofc
    Lacey settled in front of Nick's desk about an hour after arrival.