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Bella was our first Greyhound, and started us on the big Greyhound Adventure. When we adopted her we were told that Greyhounds "were like potato chips, and you couldn't have just one". We laughed. Now we get it. We have six Greyhounds at present. (Who's laughing now?)

Bella was an excellent racer, but an unfortunate injury to her front leg took her out of the game. She was always a favorite of her trainer, and he was working on getting her healed and back into the races. Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly while she was recovering. In the distracted days following his death, she managed to get the splint off her front leg and caused major damage. At first amputation was considered, but an option to place a steel plate in her leg at the wrist joint was taken instead. So Miss Bella has a "12-screw" stainless plate that permanently immobilized the joint.

She appears to need sympathy. Not. Although she hops around on three legs most of the time, she is able to run using the front leg more or less as a stabilzer. In one of the annual Greyhound events in Kanab, UT she was clocked by a radar gun at 34 MPH. She wasn't the fastest dog that day, but when they learned she was 8 years old (at that time) and had a steel plate, she got an honorary gift basket!

In 2010 she made her fourth trip to Kanab in May to join her friends for a fun week.

We lost our Bella on September 5, 2013.

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Beautiful Bella
  • Beautiful Bella
    Beautiful Bella!
  • bella head
    Deep in concentration...what is she watching?
  • bella nose
    Nap time! A bug's eye view of Miss Bella
  • bella
    A pensive moment
  • boris bella
    Bella loved her pal Boris, who passed away shortly after this was taken in April of 2006.