K9FUN home of the Hunseder Hound Hacienda


Taylor was a spontaneous adoption! We were at the "Woofstock" animal adoption event in Flagstaff in September 2013. Our reason for attending was to "work the tent" for GPA-AZ. We brought the gear and setup the tent. Leah and Jim brought four available dogs for adopters to see. In a repeat of his 2012 performance, Nick got into the pen with the hounds and was taken in by Taylor (then called Bree). She was flirty, she was cuddly, she snuggled up to him and laid her head on his neck. Just like Mary did the prior July.

"But she's just a pup at 15 months, how will she fit our pack?" We agreed to take her on a "trial basis". She drove home with us that afternoon. All the others accepted her, she was an immediate pack member. One hour later, trial over. By the next day she was using the dog door and following the examples set by her packmates. And she's adorable.

We lost Taylor on July 29, 2016.