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Destiny. That's how we got Macho. We had lost Tillie just a few weeks prior. We heard about an older hound that needed a new home. His previous people were no longer caring for him. He had a nail that had curved around and was embedded in the pad, he had fleas galore and his breath could kill small animals. A mutual friend got the papers signed and we arranged to pick him up and transport him to our group. One look and I knew he was living the rest of his life with us.

He's the kindest old guy you could want to meet. It took a few weeks to prepare him for the oral surgery he so desperately needed. We had to quell the infections first. The nail had been surgically corrected, the fleas bathed away. He spent over two hours under anesthesia while 17 teeth were removed. They were so rotted that several of the molars were removed by hand—they just came out. After a couple of days he was feeling much better. At first he would pull his head away, the pain was so much if he was touched on the head. Now he comes up and rubs his face against your leg for attention. He just gets better and better, and seems to be getting younger each month.

He turned 12 on Halloween 2009. We hope he makes it to many more birthday parties!

Macho passed away on 3/12/11 after suffering a stroke. We miss his constant companionship and him following us around the house. Run free sweet boy! He was 13.5 years old.

  • macho3
    Shortly after his arrival at the Hound Haven
  • macho2
    Happy Old Boy
  • macho1
    His 12th birthday party hat
  • macho4
    Photo shoot in 2010, look at those ears!
  • macho5
    Contemplating the scenery
  • macho6
    Looking great for an older guy!