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Figgy is our third Greyhound! She came off the track in 2002 and was placed in an adoptive home where she lived for almost four years. Apparently they adopted a Chihuahua and they decided they just wanted a smaller dog...guess who got kicked out? She is a very sweet girl, now eleven years old and just a doll. We met her at a "meet and greet" event locally, where we brought Bella and Kingman to show prospective adopters how things can work out.

We thought someone would take her, but the only person who expressed an interest didn't want a "old" dog. Figgy was sent out to Kingman for potential placement. We couldn't stop thinking of this sweet girl and how she needed a permanent home. Next thing we know, we're meeting up in Williams AZ to pick her up and bring her to the Casa de Canines. She greets us when we come home by grabbing a stuffed toy and prancing around the room tossing it around. Did we mention she's cute?!?

Unfortunately Fig succumbed to complications of a large mass in her chest on January 21, 2011. She would have been 12 years old in just a few weeks. She maintained her grace and dignity to the end.


  • figgy
    The day we first met Figgy
  • fig2
    Morning sun dog
  • fig1
    Smelling the iris with her pal Tasha
  • fig-cat
    Halloween as Miss Kitty
  • figgy1
    Yes, Miss Figgy sits, though not always very lady-like
  • figgy-in-collar
    Modeling a beautiful collar for Charly Blair. Swarovski crystal and black velvet. She was on their website for awhile.