K9FUN home of the Hunseder Hound Hacienda


Bee came to live with us on April 10, 2011 as a very active 9 year old former brood hound. She raced well and then was a mother to 4 litters. Previously adopted out, she was injured at the adopter's home and nearly severed her right patellar ligament. Surrendered back to our group, she was in foster care when she was injured by another dog and lost a large chunk of flesh from the left rear leg. After all injuries were healed, she was being fostered by our group president and wasn't planned for re-adoption. We met her and fell in love with her funny personality and youthful activity level. She's a great match for our youngest, Pearl, and they are good playmates.

She's very attentive and follows us around like Macho used to. She loves attention and frequently sleeps in our bed with us. She's such a delight, and we look forward to many years with Bee.

We lost Bee on March 18, 2016, two days before her 14th birthday

  • bee-8640
    Bee in her "grapehound" hat
  • bee-
    In a pensive moment, looking through the railing
  • bee-4428
    Taking a nap after playing with Pearl