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Kingman was our second Greyhound. We loved Bella so much, and after we lost Sam to cancer, we decided to add to the pack again. We decided we would like a male and talked to our friends at GPA-AZ about adding on. They had us come out and take a look at Kingman. He never made it as a racer (good for him!) and washed out at 18 months. He has no real drive to chase, so racing was out. He came to us in September 2005 after a rough week—Monday he came off the track, Wednesday he was neutered and loaded with vaccinations, Thursday he showed at an adoption day at the County Fair, and Friday we adopted him from GPA-AZ.

He was such a pathetic looking dog, very introverted and so skinny. it took some time, but he blossomed into quite the pal. He's been Nick's dog all along, definitely a bond there. He can be across a park, checking something out, and when he hears his name, he'll stop and run back to see what you want.

In our Kanab Greyhound Gathering trip in 2009, Nick decided on a whim to try to certify him for a CGC (Canine Good Citizen). They worked on a couple of commands that weren't familiar to Kingman. About 30 minutes later they tested with Ann Allums of Best Friends and a regular on National Geographic's "Dogtown" show. He passed his test the first time. We're so proud of him.

We lost Kingman on December 5, 2013