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Mary is Bee's daughter, or at least one of them. She raced until May 2012 in Tucson, and prior to that, she raced in Phoenix. She raced against Pearl in Phoenix on Pearl's last race, where there was a collision and Pearl was injured (she recovered, but Phoenix was closed at that time and she was "retired" to our couch).

Deb had been watching Mary's career and when she retired and was picked up by our group, she suggested repeatedly that we meet her. She wanted to see if Bee remembered her. Nick wasn't so keen on the idea, fearing that she would come to be here permanently. ("Another dog, I don't think so!") Somehow it was engineered that she would move from her foster home in Phoenix to another in Prescott. Then she was brought to the "Rescue Roundup" adoption event in Flagstaff that we were working. The first image below shows how she immediately went to work on Nick, trying to win his interest. (It worked.)

Nick then told Mary that if she would be a lap dog, she would come home. He then lifted her into his lap in a chair at the event. She settled in, relaxed and went to sleep for almost a half-hour. (It worked.)

Photo three shows the reunion of Bee and Mary when we picked Mary up. They sniffed each other and seemed to be familiar. They get along very well, and Mary has integrated perfectly. Less than a week after coming home, we had a dinner party for 10 people. She was a gracious hostess and greeted everyone at the door. At the meal she joined the others in resting around the house, never coming to the table or begging from anyone. Kids should be this good!

She is very affectionate and playful. Her chosen sleeping spot is next to Nick, head either on the pillow or on Nick's neck or chest. She doesn't move, run in her sleep or disturb during the night. You'll find her right where she started. She may snuggle a little closer, but that's it. She's a great match in size and age to Pearl. Color close to Parker, yes...not a white girl, but a cute little red haired girl.

Oh, and she likes to "hold hands". If you put your arm around her, she will hook her paw around your hand. Love her.

  • mary2
    Our first nap together
  • mary3
    Mary meets her Mom for the first time in 5 years
  • mary1
    On the way home, stopping at Mingus Mtn. summit