K9FUN home of the Hunseder Hound Hacienda


The other half of the Boris and Tasha duo. Boris was my clown. We would play and wrestle and to the outsider it may have appeared that he was ready to attack. All the growling and snarling, but it was just a game. All I had to say was "enough" and he'd stop and lick me.

At 8 weeks, in 1995 he and his sister Tasha were our first puppies. What an adventure. Debbie picked out Tasha in short order when we were immersed in the 9 puppy pen. I kept looking at the other puppies, but this little guy kept coming back. Finally I held him so I could see the rest. The rest...was history. He was asleep in my arms and I had no choice, I had been chosen.

We almost lost our boy at one point. He was so sick and the vet thought he was in renal failure. Another vet did some more testing and discovered the true problem was Addison's Disease. With medication he was saved. I had to give him a shot of Percorten-V about once a month for the rest of his life. Without the medication he wouldn't survive. We always kept several vials locked up in case of a shortage. It was about $175 a vial, which treated him for two months. He lived for about six years and passed away on 4/17/1995.