K9FUN home of the Hunseder Hound Hacienda


We said goodbye to our sweet girl on the evening of May 10, 2010. She had been with us since she was 8 weeks old and had just celebrated her 15th birthday on May 1. We adopted Tasha and her brother Boris when we lived in San Jose back in 1995. She outlived her brother by four years.

She was always an extremely well behaved dog, and earned her Canine Good Citizen certification along with her brother when she was about a year old. She never forgot her training, and would always respond to hand signals to come, wait, sit, lie down or roll on her side. As she aged and her hearing failed, you had to get her attention in other ways...but she always followed the hand commands. She was a dog who would walk off leash, right beside you. If you stopped and asked her to wait, you could walk away and leave her and know that she would be there when you returned some time later.

She was a very gentle soul who never hurt anyone or anything. She was the one who always cleaned her brothers face, and even looked after our Rottweiler as if he were her own. Some people fear pitbulls and pitbull mix dogs. She was the one pinned to the ground by a Greyhound half her size, and wouldn't even try to defend herself.

I could write pages about her, but I won't. She'll always be in our hearts.