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Welcome to Our Hound Hacienda!

Greyhounds in ParadeWe built this site to share our canine companions with the world. There's a page for each of our current pack members, as well as a page for each who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We strongly believe that there are two types of people who have canines. First are people who have dogs—the ones who have a pet, one that lives in the home and gets cared for. The second are "dog people"—people who consider their dogs to be family members and integrate them into their daily lives. We're the latter type.

We're not the type who have to take our dogs everywhere we go, but we do take them places where they can enjoy themselves and where it is appropriate. Having a large pack is a responsibility. It limits your flexibility to vacation freely, since you have to arrange for someone to take care of the pack in your absence. Often we take one or two with us on an adventure, leaving the others home. We base the choice on what we're doing, where we are going and the dog's personality. The Greyhounds are so laid back that they are welcome in many places, and so they are in rotation for who's turn it is to go out.

Camping is definitely a Pitbull adventure! Sparky was the ultimate camping dog, loved his Jeep rides and the whole outdoor scene. Check out his photos! He was a good trailer pal, sleeping soundly all night and never being a pain in the butt. He got up when we get up and was happy to go along anywhere, but was also OK to stay behind and watch the camp.Sadly he passed away August 17, 2012 from complications of Valley Fever, which struck him in January of 2011.

One topic that many find interesting is our feeding of a raw diet. We've been doing this for many years and you can learn about it on the raw diet page. Also known as a "BARF*" diet, it ensures that our companions are eating healthy food, and when the pet food scare of a few years back happened, we had no worries.

So read on if you find all of this interesting. If your not a dog person...this probably isn't very interesting.

*BARF=Biologically Acceptable Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food


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